The graduate will have gained theoretical knowledge and practical skills in an area of performing arts while based on a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary foundations of performing arts. Students are equipped with knowledge of social sociology and anthropology etc in relation to study of arts.

At the completion of the course the student will be able to….

  • Recognize performing arts as a combination of interrelated arts areas including historical, theoretical, socio- economic structures, technological advances and ethical concerns.
  • Contribute through conceptualizing, designing and executing to new innovative arts cultural productions.
  • Critical analysis of complex issues in relation to arts and culture with in the society.
  • Diverse methodological approaches necessitated for undertaking research within different contexts.
  • Adapted into multi-cultural workplace through the knowledge of contemporary arts trends and cultural issues.
  • Critically engage with the public discourses to upgrade the level of cultural life of people
  • Face strongly and courageously to challenges coming from both local and the global contexts.