SLQF Outcomes Graduate Profile
Knowledge Actively engage in understanding different schools of thoughts and contribute to the local and global contexts through the application of gained knowledge of the specialized field of Performing Arts.
Serve in a diverse and multicultural workplace through the theoretical and practical knowledge related to a specific field.
Apply creative and innovative interventions to address/ resolve current and anticipated future problems through an aesthetic and humanistic approach.
Contest existing knowledge and practices by examining the current knowledge and practices through reflexive and reflective manner.
Skills Demonstrate personal responsibility, accountability, and the ability to instill entrepreneurship skills.
Exercise high order skills in interpersonal understanding and communication, team responsibility and leadership in the professional environment.
Committed to develop the field of performing arts in the local context through intellectual openness.
Conceptualize, design, and produce work/research creatively using both theoretical and practical knowledge of the specialized field incorporating contemporary technologies/ technological tools as required.
Attitudes, Values, Professionalism and Vision for life Exercise professional duties and responsibilities adhering to ethical, social, and cultural conditions considering its local and global context and their importance.
Demonstrate positive attitudes, social responsibility, ethical values, and professionalism to promote equity, social justice, and inclusiveness in multicultural communities.
Act with emotional maturity, respect multicultural, religious and intellectual diversity and acknowledge universal rights and responsibilities.
Engage lifelong learning for individual and collective societal development.