The Department of Performing Arts, Sri Palee Campus, and University of Colombo aims to produce a graduate with a strong capacity to function as a professional in the field of Performing Arts and allied array of fields.

He/ She is a person who has the ability to operate within an institutional set up as a self-motivated professional and to engage with the society in critical and creative manner; with an acute sense of social responsibilities, is motivated to contribute to the wellbeing of people and development of society.

A performing Arts graduate of Sri Palee campus should be

  1. Academically excellent:
    Having a knowledge in the basics of an array of relevant practices, and an in depth knowledge and highly strong skill in the specialized discipline.
  2. Skilled in performing, writing, research and communication.
  3. Able to critically examine, synthesize and evaluate knowledge across a broad range of disciplines.
  4. Able to apply new technologies relevant to performing arts.

Highly employable and able to contribute to national development:

  1.  Able to apply academically gained knowledge in wider contexts.
  2. Able to work under pressure with adaptability and flexibility, showing respect for authority and respect for colleagues.
  3. Having a strong process-oriented approach to work. Keen about the quality of the process, yet having a good sense of goal.
  4. Having good leadership and team building skills and capacity to work in a team.
  5. Able to work independently with self-confidence and a willingness to accept responsibility.
  6. Having conflict transformation skills, non-violent communication skills and operating with professional ethics.

Sensitive global citizen:

  1. Respecting the cultures and values of others.
  2. Having a high regard for human rights, equity and ethics.
  3. Committed to improving the sustainability of the environment.