Library membership and reference facilities

  1. Campus Membership
    The following Campus Members may have reference and borrowing facilities
    i. Members of academic and nonacademic staff
    ii. Registered students of the University
  2. Post graduate Students (Sri Palee Campus)
    Reference facility is provided only for those who have paid the library fees. Book borrowing facility is provided only for those who have paid a refundable deposit.
  3. Research postgraduates (only for Reference Facilities)
    (Registered students (including part-time and distance learning students) of other institutions of higher education for reference facility of the library)
    Research postgraduates, other part-time, distance and placement students may have provided reference facilities at the campus library. They should bring letter address to the librarian from the relevant Academic institution to obtain reference facilities. Students are also advised to bring their student identity card for obtaining this facility.
    Those who have using library facilities more than 2 days, they should be obtained temporary library membership by paying library fee.