We welcome you all to the Annual International Research Symposium – 2023 (AIRS-2023) of Sri Palee Campus on Excellence in Research in Media and Creative Arts which has been scheduled to be held in partnership with the Annual Research Symposium of the University of Colombo. We welcome a full range of scholarly abstracts in the Media and Creative Arts disciplines. The abstracts presented at this symposium will be published in the Annual Research Symposium Proceedings of the University of Colombo.

THEME – Excellence in Research in Media and Creative Arts

Human society is either media and communication, or media and communication are human society. Active and creative engagement in media and communication have a significant impact on every element of human life, including social and personal life. It is the fundamental basis of all things, whether they are peace, war, progress, joy, concern, or any other emotion. Human communication advances with human interest through creativity and creative arts. The term “creative arts” refers to a diverse range of art styles. Visual arts and performing arts are the two main categories of creative arts. While performing arts include giving a performance in front of an audience, visual arts involve generating visuals. Many psychological, emotional, and social advantages can come from engaging in creative activities. Visual artists employ their skills to produce emotionally and aesthetically pleasing artwork. Visual art can be utilized to tell stories, express emotions, and stir up reactions in viewers. An art form known as performing arts involves giving a performance in front of people. Performers use their talents to produce performances that are enthralling and inspiring. The performing arts may amuse audiences while simultaneously entertaining them. The interest and value in engaging in investigation in media, communication, and the creative arts emerged in light of this. What purpose do research in the media and creative industries serve? How can this branch of study improve its research to benefit society? The quality of the studies undertaken by those with knowledge in this field is what this year’s symposium expectations are based on.


  • Digital media and digital communication
  • Communication, media, and Society
  • Information Communication
  • Communication and management
  • Language and Linguistics
  • Performing Literacy
  • Mechanical Reproduction in Creative Arts
  • Traditional Performance and Ecology
  • Reconciliation and Creative Arts
  • Traditional knowledge in creative arts

DATE OF THE SYMPOSIUM20th November 2023

MODE OF THE SYMPOSIUMHybrid (Online & Onsite)


Call for Abstracts                                           11th May 2023

Abstract Submission Deadline                     11th July 2023

Notification of Acceptance                           11th August 2023

Camera-Ready Copy Submission                 28th August 2023


For Local Presenters              –   Rs. 5000.00

For Foreign Presenters            –   USD 50

FOR INFORMATION AND PAPER SUBMISSION papersubmission@spc.cmb.ac.lk

KEYNOTE SPEAKER -Prof. Christoph Schmidt

Accomplished academic with a rich background in Business and Economics, Professor Dr. Christoph Schmidt completed his studies at the University of Siegen and obtained his PhD from the University of Cologne. Prior to his academic career, he gained valuable industry experience as a Marketing Manager at Philips AG in Frankfurt. He later ventured into HR consulting and management, working with numerous companies. In 1995, Prof. Dr. Schmidt joined Deutsche Welle (DW), a renowned international broadcaster, where he has held several leadership positions over the years. Since 2006, he has been entrusted with the responsibility of leading DW Akademie’s Administration and Academic Department.  His contributions to the field have extended beyond the organization, as he has been a distinguished speaker at over 30 international conferences across the globe. Driven by his passion for education, he has developed study programs in countries like Turkey and Egypt, while also serving as an advisor to universities abroad.
Prof. Dr. Schmidt’s expertise is shared through his teaching engagements, covering diverse topics such as Media Management, Comparative Media Systems, Media Globalization, Digital Transformation and Empirical Methods. His research is centered around international media systems, examining the impact of technology on media, and ensuring their sustainability. His work continues to shape the understanding of media dynamics and pave the way for future advancements in the industry.

Prof. Christoph Schmidt
Head, International Media Studies,
Deutsche Welle Academic,
CHIEF GUESTSenior Professor H. D. Karunaratne
Vice Chancellor, University of Colombo
GUEST OF HONOUR – Dr. Prathibha Mahanamahewa
Rector, Sri Palee Campus

CHAIR/ AIRS 2023 – Kalani Dharmasiri
Senior Lecturer, Sri Palee Campus