Sri Palee campus completed developing its syllabi and curriculum during the academic year 2010-2011. This was carried out with the help of a well qualified panel of academics, professionals and practitioners in the fields of Mass Media and Performing Arts. Sri Palee Campus for the first time in the history of university training programmes broke away from the traditional line of thinking and introduced a substantial proportion of practical training to its curriculum Thus not only the students in the fields of Dancing, Music or Drama, but also those who are in Mass Media will receive practical training in print media, broadcasting, television and electronic news gathering.

Already the campus has secured a few electronic equipment capable of news gathering / preparing documentary bulletin etc. It is hoped that very soon a small laboratory capable of developing films for TV. In addition to the community Radio Station which has already been stablished in the premises will be developed to give practical training to the students. Therefore the end product of the Sri Palee campus, the graduates, will, not only have received a theoretical training in their respective fields of study, but also be ready to take up challenging jobs in their own specialized areas of study with their practical training.