We welcome you all to the Annual Research Symposium of Sri Palee Campus on Creative and Innovative Approaches in Media and Performing Arts (ci-MAP 2022) which has been scheduled to be held in partnership with the Annual Research Symposium of the University of Colombo. ci-MAP 2022 encourages academics and postgraduate students of Sri Palee Campus, the University of Colombo to meet and exchange ideas and research findings on creative and Innovative approaches in media and performing arts. We welcome scholarly abstracts across a full range of interests. The abstracts presented at this symposium will be published in the Annual Research Symposium Proceedings of the University of Colombo.

University Research Theme – Digital Transformation and Innovative Approaches to Mitigate Challenges in Higher Education Sector

Sri Palee Campus Theme – Creative and Innovative Approaches in Mass Media and Performing Arts

Innovation and creativity have been essential elements throughout the history of the development of media and performing arts. Creativity is the lifeblood of the media and performing arts industries. With the advancement of information and communication technology during the last two decades, the form of innovation and creativity has been changing steadily. To understand the landscape of contemporary media and performing arts fields and to explain its developmental trends, one can gain insight from the studies on innovation and creativity. Innovation and creativity are new ideas and concepts added to the socio-economic structure. Thus, it works in combination with, or as an extension of existing theory/ies and practices. It includes production innovation, process innovation, position innovation, paradigmatic innovation, and social innovation (Francis and Bessants, 2005). Innovation and creativity are changes in production, distribution, advertising, marketing, ownership, management, organizational culture, human resources, communication patterns, and audience. Likewise, innovation and creativity are changes in the political economy of media and performing arts.

Innovation is related to new genres, new products, and new platforms happening all over the world. It is important that the changes that are taking place in the media and performing arts landscapes are brought to the attention of researchers. How do we understand innovation and creativity in media and performing arts today? What are the new opportunities they have provided? How do new innovation and creativity trends affect ownership, management, content, genre, production, distribution, subscription, marketing, advertising, ethics, laws, and media and performing arts? This symposium will address these questions.
The symposium’s theme is Creative and Innovative Approaches in Mass Media and Performing Arts. A wide range of papers can be presented under this theme and the following sub-themes have been identified. You are invited to submit abstracts on any of the following themes.


  • Conceptualizing Innovation and Creativity of Media/Performing Arts
  • Paradigmatic Innovation and Creativity
  • Social Innovation
  • Historiographic Innovation
  • New Media Landscape and its Political, Cultural, and Economics Contexts
  • Power Relationship in Media Development
  • New Media Platforms
  • New Media Services
  • New Platforms of Expressions in Performing Arts
  • Performing Arts and New Media
  • Language Play in Innovation and Creativity
  • Creativity and Innovation in Advertising and Marketing
  • New Genres, New Formats, and New Forms
  • Innovative Organizational Strategies
  • Influences on Media Creativity and Innovation
  • Changing Modes of Media Usage
  • Changing Technologies and Role of Technology
  • Innovation and Digital Infrastructure
  • Impacts and Responses of Digital Approaches in Performing Arts

Date of the Symposium – 18th November, 2022

Mode of the Symposium – Hybrid (Online & Onsite)

Keynote Speaker- Professor Xu Lifang, School of Information Management, Wuhan University, P.R. China
Professor Xu Lifang is the Director of WHU Institute of Digital Publishing, and a Professor in the Department of Publishing Science, School of Information Management, Wuhan University. She has presided over 30 NSFC, NSSFC, and other research projects published more than 100 papers in English/ Chinese and published over 10 books (including co-authors). Her main research interests are digital publishing and new media, STM publishing and communication, digital educational publishing and communication, virtual reality media narrative, and digital reading.
Chief Guest – Senior Professor H.D. Karunaratne, Vice Chancellor, University of Colombo
Guest of Honour – Dr. Prathibha Mahanamahewa, Rector, Sri Palee CampusThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is prathibha-mahanamahewa.jpg
Chair/ SPC ARS – Senior Lecturer Ruvini Batuwangala,Sri Palee CampusThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Ms.Batuwangala.jpg
Participants – Academic Staff and Postgraduate Student of Sri Palee Campus, UOC

Important Dates   

Call for Abstracts                                                 – 28th July 2022

Abstract Submission                                            – 20th August 2022

Notification of Acceptance                                   – 30th September 2022

Final Submission                                                 – 10th October 2022

Conference Fee – For Postgraduate Presenters – Rs. 5000.00

For information and paper submission papersubmission@spc.cmb.ac.lk