An Intellectual Discourse on:
Will Aesthetic Education in Sri Lankan Universities Collapse in Future?

A Critical Discourse on:
The Role of the Media in the Contemporary Socio, Economic and Political Process of Society

Workshops on SPSS and data analysis (Four days)
  Research Data Analysis using SPSS
 Data Analysis Using SPSS Parametric and Non-parametric Tests

Conducted by
Dr. Anura Karunarathna
Faculty of Commerce and Management
University of Kalaniya, Sri Lanka

A Special Lecture on
“Towards a New Directions of Research Methodology in Social Studies & Humanaties…, Semiotics, Dialectics & Deconstructions”
Conducted by Professor Desmond Mallikarachchi

Special Workshop on
“Media and Communication” for Advanced Level students 2014
Dharmasoka College Ambalangoda, Sri Lanka.