Introduction to the Campus

Sri Palee Campus of the University of Colombo is located in Wewala, Horana in the Kalutara district. It was established by the Sri Lankan Government extraordinary gazette notification NO. 928/1 dated 20th June 1996.

Department of Mass Media

The Department of Mass Media offers a four-year special degree program in Mass Media with specialization in four different fields namely Media Studies, Print Media, Television, and Radio. Parallel to their major fields, all students are given a two-year compulsory education in IT and English.

The main objective of the program is to produce graduates with conceptual, theoretical, and practical knowledge in mass media. The program consists of the following courses.

  1. Main courses,
  2. Foundation courses,
  3. Elective courses, and
  4. Service courses

The number of courses offered by the department is 80 out of which at least 43 courses should be offered to qualify for the award of the special degree. The required practical knowledge is given in the Audio Visual Studio, Print Media lab, and Campus Radio available in the campus premises and other government and private media institutions.