The diploma program shall include:

(İ)     Eight Course modules and

(İİ)    An extended essay

The subjects of the Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Media studies shall be as follows:

Name of  Course

No. of Credits Hours
PGDMM 513: Mass Media Theory

 Introduction, Normative  Theories of Mass Communication, Theories of Media, Culture and Society, Understanding Culture and Communication, Critical and Cultural theories of Communication, Creative   Communication


PGDMM 543 Political Communication

Introduction to concept of Political Communication, A Brief History of Political Communication, Human – Democratic Concept of Political Communication, Marxist Concept  of Political Communication, The main   Approaches to the effects of Political Communication, and the Political Communication and the Political Process, The Political Media, The Media as Political Actors, Party Political Communication, Non-Party   Political Communication, International Political Communication, The “Cold War” as a global  form of Political Communication, Information  Management  and Manipulation.



PGDMM 533: Media Management

 Principles of Media Management, Managing Personnel   Managing Media Personnel, Managing Programming, News Room Management, Managing Marketing  and  Sales,  Understanding Markets and Audiences, The Internet and  Electronic Media Management, Financial  Management, Ethics of Management, Regulatory Influences and  Electronic Media Management, Managing Relationships and   influences.


PGDMM  523: Marketing  and Communication

 Marketing Management, The External Environment, Analysis of market and  Consumer Behavior, Market Segmentation and  Positioning,

Product  Strategy, Brand  Management, Direct Marketing, Marketing on the Internet, Marketing Communication, Creative   Strategy, Media Planning, Broadcast  Media, Print Media  ,Support Media, Sales Promotion, International Advertising and Promotion.


PGDMM 553: Media and Communication Research

 Research in Communication, Communication Research  problems and  Hypothesis, Conceptualizations in Communication Research, Composing the  Communication Argument, Design  of Research, Quantitative  Research Methods, Qualitative  Research Methods, Measurement in Communication Research, Design of Descriptive Empirical  Research in Communication, Sampling, Statistical Analysis of Data, Descriptive statistics,  Writing Research Reports.


PGDMM  573 International Communication

 Theories of    information society, Media and  global order, Globalization: Histories and Technologies, Global  news  flow and   crisis  in international news, Global Journalism, Cultural autonomy in Global Communication Issues of Contemporary Media in Asia, Africa and Europe, Global Media Ethics.


PGDMM 563 Media Sociology

Perspective of Media Sociology, Social Thought and Concept Theories Background of Publications, Classical Theories of Media and Society, Low of Communication and Interaction, New Media Technology and its Globalization/ Transnationaliztion.


PGDMM 583 Media Criticism

Introduction to Media Criticism, Functions of Media Criticism, Social role of Media Criticism, Media Criticism and Manipulation of Mass Audience for Commercial purpose, Information of Audience.


PGEE 126 Extended Essay


Total Credits