• To encourage and   promote graduate students to conduct research in media industries and society.
  • To generate resources and data base for advance mass media studies.
  • To establish maintain forums with universities, industry, non-government sector and the community.

Target group

The   target   group would be constituted of graduated in various professions. The program encourages media practitioner’s, researchers and related professionals to explore theory and practice in both mass media research where a mix skills that create career opportunities, meeting their work and responsibilities.

Method of Study

The program will use a variety of teaching and learning methods. The study methods have been planned in order to develop analysis and practical problem solving skills that can be applied in their professional life. Lectures, small group discussions, in dependent research activities and presentations will be used, to   achieve this objective.

This program will have two   stages. The first year of the course will be assigned for lectures and related activities while in the second year students are expected to attend to the dissertation as well. The students can exit with a postgraduate diploma in mass media on the successful completion off the first year.