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Rector Prof. R.C.K. Hettiarachchi
Chairperson Dr. K. V. Dhanapala
Chairperson of CDC/CRC Dr. Tudor Weerasinghe
Heads of Departments Dr. K. V. Dhanapala,
Dept. of Languages, Head of the Campus Strategic Planning CommitteeDr. DharmaKeerthi Sri Ranjan,
Departments of Mass Media and Computer Studies, Coordinator/ Research CenterDr. Kumuduni Maddumage,
Department of Performing Arts
Senior Asst. Librarian Dr. Wathsala Athukorala
Asst. Registrar Mrs. Priyani Perera

IQAC Committee Composition and Meetings

  1. Membership
  1. Rector
  2. DR/SAR/AR of the Campus who will act as the Secretary/Convener
  3. Chairperson Head of the Faculty QA Cell
  4. Chairperson of the Curriculum and Academic Development Committee/Curriculum Review Committee
  5. Heads of Departments or a senior academic or above representing each of the Departments.
  6. Head of the Campus Strategic Planning Committee
  7. Senior Assistant Librarian
  8. Director of the Research Center

Chairperson shall be appointed by the Campus Board.
Responsibilities and Duties of the Chairperson of the Faculty QA Cell

  1. Liaise with the Director, Internal Quality Assurance Unit of the University to coordinate university level Quality Assurance (QA) activities.
  2. Represent the Campus in all QA related activities.
  3. Organize Campus level QA meetings.
  4. Suggest names of members to the Rector, to be appointed as domain coordinators or members for each criterion in the Quality Assurance Manuals of the UGC.
  5. Provide guidance to the domain coordinators and prepare the Campus level Internal QA Reports with their support.
  6. Liaise with professional quality assurance and accreditation bodies on matters pertaining to QA and accreditation, if required.
  7. Monitor the collation and analysis of Campus level internal QA data such as peer review forms and student feedback forms.
  8. Work with other related committees and units within the Campus on matters related to QA.
  9. Answer and address issues related to QA raised by the faculty members in general and by the QA domain coordinators in particular.
  10. Report the activities of the Campus IQA Cell to the Campus Board and IQAU regularly.