Course Objectives:
The main objective of the course is to develop a media research culture among academics and professionals in different fields. The students of this course will be able to undertake research is their specific academic fields based on philosophical, epistemological understanding of the elements of research.

This course will also provide knowledge skills of various types of research designs and the procedures to conduct research to meet the national and international requirements and to promote the voice of research and perspectives in the global arena.

Eligibility Requirement (Entry Qualifications)

No person shall be permitted for the admission to the degree of Master of Arts in Media Research unless he / she has the following qualifications.

  1. A degree from a recognized university. or
  2. A diploma with sixty credits at a recognized institution with two years’ experience in the field of research.
  3. Academic Professionals and experts from government approved teacher training institutions with more than five years’ experience.
  4. More than eight years executive level experience in the communication related professions in a recognized institution.
  5. More than twelve years executive experience in the field of research in a recognized Research institution.
  6. A good knowledge of English and IT